Syrian teenager plotted bomb attack in Germany, police say

Berlin (CNN)A Syrian young person has been captured in Germany on doubt of arranging an assault utilizing effective explosives, a representative for the government prosecutor said Tuesday.

The 19-year-old man, known as Yamen A., was captured in the early hours of Tuesday morning in Schwerin, northern Germany.

He is “associated with having arranged and made solid arrangements for an Islamist-persuaded assault,” representative Frauke Kohler said in a news gathering.

His point was to “murder and twisted whatever number individuals as could be allowed,” she said.

The Syrian high schooler had examined bomb-production methods on the web and had started gaining the important chemicals and materials to assemble a hazardous gadget, including sulfuric corrosive and hydrogen peroxide, Kohler said.

Cell phones and batteries found amid a hunt of the speculate’s home recommend that the bomb would have been activated remotely, Kohler said. The condos of other potential suspects were likewise looked on Tuesday.

The area of the arranged assault was not known. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere commended specialists for keeping a “genuine dread assault.”

Syrian teenager plotted bomb attack in Germany, police saySyrian teenager plotted bomb attack in Germany, police say

Kohler said there was no proof that Yamen A. is an individual from a psychological oppressor association, however uncovered that the suspect had been in contact through online networking with jihadists, including one who announced himself to be a “trooper of the caliphate” – a conceivable reference to ISIS. “It is indistinct to what degree this contact individual was included with the plans,” Koehler included.

Yamen A. had been known to specialists since October 2014, as indicated by Kohler.

In an announcement prior today, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere commended government security specialists for keeping a “genuine fear assault” in Germany.

He additionally said that the danger level in the nation stays high. “Germany, Europe and the West are in the objective scope of Islamist psychological warfare,” he said.

Twelve individuals were slaughtered in an Islamist-related assault on a Christmas advertise in Berlin last December.